The Unexpected - 2003 - 2007

by Kevin Blight

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Selected tracks from 2003 - 2007


released December 6, 2013

Kevin Blight - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin, Percussion, Sound Engineering.



all rights reserved


Kevin Blight Stafford, UK

Award winning songwriter Kevin Blight is often compared to Elvis Costello, Bruce Hornsby & Joe Jackson. Writing in a multitude of styles his roots are firmly in the Folk-Funk-Punk-Blues-Rock genres...primarily a Guitarist, he also plays Bass, Keyboards, Mandolin, Harmonica & any other instrument he can get his hands on...including Pringles Tubes. ... more

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Track Name: Inevitable
Hey baby the Sun's gonna rise in the morning
Hey baby the Earth's gonna turn in the day
The clouds are gonna wheel in the sky
The birds are gonna sing and gonna fly
It's inevitable, I'm gonna make you mine

Hey honey the Moon's gonna rise in the evening
Hey honey the stars are coming out to play
The constellations wheel through the sky
The evening star a burning point of light
It's inevitable, I'm gonna make you mine

Don't look upon this as arrogance
It's not just some random happenstance
Sometimes some things are meant to be
Like you and me

Hey baby the leaves are gonna fall from the trees
Hey honey the water in the river's gonna freeze
The season's gonna change in its time
It don't need no reason or no rhyme
It's inevitable, I'm gonna make you mine
The season's gonna change in its time
It don't need no reason or no rhyme
It's inevitable, I'm gonna make you mine
Track Name: Bad Case Of The Blues
I got an old suitcase where I keep my soul
A 17 year old mind in a body that's old
Got a bad case of the Blues
Got a dodgy ticker, a nasty little twitch
A nasty little girlfriend with the 7 year itch

People get to know me askin' every detail
Take one look at me, say 'When'd ya get out of jail?'
Got a bad case of the blues
Got no truck with authority, do what I please
Got a bad case of the Blues, I'm on my knees.

Tried to get a job but they close every door
There comes a point in time a man can't take any more
Got a bad case of the Blues
I been out on bail so many times I don't know where to stop
Ask a man to change, like a leopard change it's spots

My father said 'it's time for you to be a man'
I said 'Why does a dog lick it's balls? because it can'
Yeah I got a bad case of the Blues
When the only way is up, you know that you can't lose
When you got a bad case of the Blues.
Track Name: Jennifer
Jennifer I don't know what I'm doing here
I wish we'd talked it through and made it crystal clear
The audience is waiting for the fight to start
Feeling better 'bout themselves as we fall apart

I can bare my soul on a daytime show
Backed into a corner with nowhere to go
I'm too tired to lie anymore and they all know
That I can't look you in the eyes

The audience was angry when I came onstage
Already on your side with unmistakable rage
I tried to put my case the best i can
It's obvious they don't believe the man I say I am

When we met I told you you had angel's eyes
Now I can't bear to look at you however hard I try

Jennifer I just don't know what I must do
Airing dirty linen in the public view
TV lights were drying all the tears you cried
Keeping host and advertisers satisfied
Track Name: Meum Pactum
Track Name: Butterfly
Simple things... complex results.
Consequence, consequence.
Predetermined, unforeseen.

A Cabbage White Butterfly stretches its wings
Who knows how much devastation each tiny flap may bring?
Empires tumble continents are on collision course
Futures crumble in consequence and demonstrate its force
Track Name: Ash & Coal
I've been asleep a million years
A Trillion heartbeats a Billion tears
Missing in the breeze
I lit a fire inside my soul
All that's left, a blackened hole, dark as Ash and Coal.

Ash & Coal, Ash and Coal
Take a look inside, it's dark and cold
A million years takes its toll
Turns you to Ash and Coal

Ash and Coal, Ash and Coal
Turn back time, make me whole
There's no replacement for what time stole
It's only left Ash and Coal
Track Name: Fat Girls
My Mama always told me if I learned a trade
I'd be set and I would really have it made
I never talked back to Mama that's what I'd do
Get me a job and some brand new walkin' shoes
Well i walked them shoes from pillar to post
Tryin' to find me a job don't know what hurt most
My pride or my aching body too close to call
When a friend of mine said what ya think you're doin' boy?

They say the tallest blade of grass gets cut down first
If you climb too high you're gonna come off worse
It's tough at the top but it's harder at the bottom
In a hundred years time all of this will be forgotten
You can be a high flier with all that entails
You get the car and money, Supermodels 'on the rails'
It's not all it's cracked up to be,
You're missing out on the simple pleasures
And you cannot ever change the weather, no.

I'm a man for all seasons yeah
I don't pick or choose
You got one life to live or lose
And fat girls need loving too

Well i took that good advice and I took it to heart
I took control of my life and I partied hard
I went from pillar to post, from post back to pillar
I loved a lot of ladies I confess it's a killer
I love the long ones, the short ones, the ones in-between
I love the thin ones, the wide ones, you know what I mean
Over the years I put on a few pounds
It's a hazard of the job when you're doing the rounds
Then one day a pretty Moma said to me

I'm a girl for all seasons yeah
I don't pick or choose
You got one life to live or lose
And fat boys need loving too

But i'm not fat...I've just got thick bones...and my glandular problem...
Oh all right...I'M FAT....Come here, baby!
Track Name: You Could Fly
Don't you sometimes wish that you could fly?
Just push out your tongue and taste the sky
It beats all those dreams of falling down the stairs
Or running through streets in your underwear
Don't you sometimes wish you could really fly?

I wake in the morning I'm so confused
i don't know where I've been my body's bruised
Suddenly my heart skips a beat
That sweet dream's just come back to me.
Don't you sometimes wish you could really fly?

If I could I would fly to be with you
I would circle your house to show what I could do
I would persuade you that you could do it too
Then we'd fly away together with the sky in reach forever
Track Name: Back It Up!
I saw a honey in the parking lot
Trying to park a car with an open top
Blonde hair, sunglasses and a diamond ring
Trying to back it in but struggling, yeah

Said if you like I could help a while
She took offence said 'You're out of line
Don't need no man to show me what to do
Stick around and I'll prove it to you.
I can back it up'

She parked the car and I had a hunch
I made an offer to buy her lunch
We lit a joint near a cheap motel
What happened next, well I could not tell
But I can back it up

A little later 'bout a quarter to four
The Bell-hop came a knockin' at the door
'That woman's husband's here and he's ready to kill
- He's a son of a bitch and I know he will
I can back it up

I 'aint no scholar or PhD
My next move don't require a degree
I had my fill of her, I had my fun
Truth to tell I'm a runnin' son of a gun
Track Name: Sleepwalking In The Rain
I wake in the morning still wearing my clothes
Soaking right through from my head to my toes
Got no recollection of where I have been
The people I spoke to, the places I've seen
My buttons are tight, my shoelaces tied
I guess it's just a guessing game -
I've been sleepwalking in the rain, again.

My family's getting used to it they made no complaint
Just funny looks and sniggering across the breakfast plate
I wring out my shirt, I'm ready for work
I know that I'll be late again
I've been sleepwalking in the rain, again

Oh fate has added one more twist to a suffering somnambulist
That I very rarely suffer if the rain's not in the gutter
I'm half-drowned like Gene Kelly when he''s singing on the Telly

I make it to work and I squelch through the hall
The sun's started shining so I'm having a ball
The big shots are waiting in the conference room
I'm dripping and drying as I make my excuse
The boss has his socks by the window pane
It's just a guess but I would say
He's been sleepwalking in the rain, again

I'm slippin' I'm slidin, I'm drippin' I'm dryin'
To look at me I guess you'd say
He's been sleepwalking in the rain, again.
I'm slippin' I'm slidin, I'm drippin' I'm dryin'
Track Name: Vindictive
I'm gonna write a perfect love song
I'm struggling to find the words
I'm gonna write a perfect love song
And break your heart when it's heard
I'm gonna write a song that matters
To everyone around the world
Its gonna be a song that makes you cry
When my broken heart is cured

There's a billion songs unwritten and I need the perfect one
That sends a signal to your heart that says our love is gone

I'm gonna write a perfect novel
With characters you can believe
I'm gonna write a perfect novel
But I'm only up to chapter three
I'm writing it to send a signal
With a character just like me
You'll be unable to put it down
It'll bring you to your knees

Well I might sound vindictive
I guess it's just because I am
I can't help feeling vindictive
I never claimed to be a perfect man
I got a nasty streak inside of me
It doesn't make me proud
But sometimes these feelings hurt so bad
I just shout it out aloud.

There's a billion songs unwritten....
Track Name: Say It Isn't So
An icy chill runs down my spine, that car's parked there again
They said she's got a brand new guy and I've been part-exchanged
Say it isn't so

He makes three times as much as me, that means a lot to Her
She's been seen out on the town wearing expensive fur
Say it isn't so

Her old home is up for sale, they say she's moving in
She's moving out to the country set so she can be with him
Say it isn't so.

When we met the other day she didn't meet my eyes
All I wanted was the truth and all I got was lies
Say it isn't so

I got my broken stereo and all my records back
I left behind the keys I had and my whole mood was Black
Say it isn't so,
Track Name: Tall Ships
The sound of the ocean is to me as a sweet lullaby
And nothing I've heard on dry land can compare
My sleep is a deep one and as trouble-free as you might find
As comforting as the touch of your hair

But nothing compares to the feeling
And nothing else touches my soul
Like a tall ship that carries me back to your arms and my home

The sun it is burning, oh at a Billion degrees
And nothing but time could ever quench its flame
And as the earth's turning a Million stars rise in the East
And they'll be my guide for I know them by name

We let go the anchor that will keep us in port for a time
We see a strange town and its shoreline for a night
When cargo is loaded its back to the ocean we love
We're circled by dolphins and seabirds above
Track Name: Northern Lights
I'm sitting on the edge of panic
There's a tremor in my voice
There is reason to feel manic
And the terror of a choice
Don't even try to estimate how hard this is to do
Or disregard the sentiment of what I'll say to you
I wanna see the Northern Lights with you
Stand under glowing skies to see what you'd do
To see that light of love in your eyes
And hold you in my arms under Northern skies

I'm sitting on the edge of reason
Been sitting here a while
I've been crazy for a season
But I made the other side
Please don't try to read my mind it's hard enough for ME to do
I've been spending all my time waiting to say this to you
I wanna see the Northern Lights with you
Stand under glowing skies to see what you'd do
To see that light of love in your eyes
And hold you in my arms under Northern skies

With you under Northern skies
With you under Northern Lights

We're sitting on the edge of time
Making history so I've heard
There's nothing else half as mystical
But I don't have the words
I can't even try to explain myself but if I could I'd choose
To take you to a mountain-top and share the skies with you
I wanna see the Northern Lights with you
Stand under glowing skies to see what you'd do
To see that light of love in your eyes
And hold you in my arms under Northern skies
Track Name: Sweet Rain
There's a rain falling on a small Honduran town
Wide-eyed women peer out between the bar
Of a small Cantina painted Orange and Brown
Dirtied by fumes of passing cars
Children sweep rubbish to the side of the road
For a few pesetas from the Gringo who works there
They all know tourists will be by in the evenings
So they put on their make-up and brush their hair
And the sweet rain's falling again
Washing away the dusty air
That sweet rain falling again on the people living there

Here comes 'Martin the cripple' on his skateboard
With his stumps newly-bandaged by the Jesuit hospice
He sits on the board on the patch he's worked for years
Hope in his eyes with each passing Tourist
Antonio the Pimp leans against his pick-up truck
Crushing his cigarette slowly with his fingers
Children play with a punctured football
Slowly deflating like an innocence that lingers

Well if it isn't Father Stephen, checking out what's going down
Pointing out the way to heaven with a smile and then a slight frown
There's two women standing talking about Madelaine
(The hooker who died just the other day)
And their voices sound like two Mandolins fighting
As they argue back and forth and slowly drift away.